The new year begins with good prospects for the marble and granite trade. Brazilian ornamental stones exports moved US$ 935.7 million between January and November 2019, which means 4.72% more than 2018, according to Brazilian Association of Ornamental Stones Industry (Abirochas).

Brazil exported to 112 countries on all continents. The USA was the main destination,  for 62.3% of total revenues. 

Espírito Santo, Brazilian State where is Vitoria Stone’s main office, accounted for 81.3% of total export earnings, which means US$ 764.5 million.

Quartzite tile sheets already represent 18.5% of total export revenues according to Abirochas. “Quartzite and marble slabs, which had an increased share of exports in 2019, still show potential for growth in 2020 and may therefore improve the performance of our exports”, explains the geologist Cid Chiodi Filho, Abirochas technical consultant.

Natural materials 

In his opinion, raising tariffs on Chinese artificial materials in the US market appear to have indeed contributed to Brazilian exports of natural materials. 

“The increase in sales of products with higher added value, such as plates of quartzite and marble, was responsible for the remarkable positive growth of Brazilian exports in the period January to August 2019”, he says.

The demand for natural stones has increased in the last years, especially for 

outdoor living and patios, like fireplaces, kitchen areas, living areas and other social spaces. 

The top trends today emphasize nature and the connection back to the natural world of marble and granite.


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