Geodiversity is the variety of materials, forms and processes that constitute and shape the Earth. Brazil, with its vast territory, has a large and rich geodiversity, with representative terrains of all geologic eras. 

In our country we can find quartzites, marbles, slates, exotic granites and translucent stones, resulting from the combination of different colors, textures, shades and climatic factors. 

This variety translates into the unique beauty of our exotic and super exotic natural stones. Its forms are unpredictable, mysterious and mesmerizing forms. 

The colors of these materials can vary greatly, since basic colors like black, blue, green and yellow until options in silver, gold, orange or red shades.

Formation process

The big contrast of the exotic marbles and granites begins with its origins. Exotic marbles and granites are natural stones formed with differences in mineral levels. These changes influencing the color and shape of the veins. 

Climate changes, soil movements or volcanic activity alter its composition too. Because of this, there is no piece like the other. This is the true essence of exotic natural stones. 

Its visual pattern is unpredictable. The architecture projects that use this kind of material become singular because these products are a true work of art from nature. 

The originality of exotic stones attracts the attention of many architects and decorators, who have identified in exotic materials the possibility of valuing and innovating in their own designs.

If you want to create unique experiences, bet on exotic marbles and granites. They show the most fantastic face of nature. Check out our series of Exotic natural stones and the Vitoria Stone collection of Super Exotic pieces.

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