Getting more present by the day, the quartzite is a true treasure to interior design and architecture.

Aesthetic wise, quartzite is pretty similar to marble, presenting patterns, veins and colors that are really close to one another. Another stone  stone also shares some blanks in the market with quartzite is granite. They both have similar durability. However, quartzite has a great advantage in hardness.

Although quartzite is a very abundant natural stone in Brazil, it’s commercialization became popular in the last years. It’s complex and costly extraction methods were improved over the years and today, with the high technology machinery utilized by Vitoria Stone, this rock is climbing the stone market to the place where it belongs.

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Despite being a natural and abundant rock in Brazil, its commercialization has recently become popular. Its complex and expensive extraction has been improved over time and, today, with the machines and cutting-edge technology used by Vitória Stone, this rock has increasingly occupied its rightful place in the market.

As it is an ornamental rock, after cutting in the marble factory quartzite must be waterproofed. Then, its needs only water and neutral soap to its daily cleaning, making it even more resistant to spots and scratches due to occasional transit of objects on top of it.

The quartzite is one of the perfect candidates to compose kitchen islands. Its resistance, durability, beauty and finesse can go along with either polished or brushed finishing, the former the most advisable for this purpose.

To know more about quartzite and its colors, access our website, and astound yourself with the beauty of that brazilian natural wonder.

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